Supervised Theses


Master Theses

  • Alicja Lipowczan. Problematic Aspects in Written Texts of Polish Students, 2019.
  • Anna Rotreklová. Oral versus Written Czech in Terms of Lexical Statistics, 2018
  • Miroslav Píštěk. Tabloid Press versus Quality Press in Terms of Lexical Statistics, 2018.


Bachelor Theses

  • Eliška Řehulková. The Content Analysis of the Twitter account @PREZIDENTmluvci, 2019.
  • Veronika Vítková. Quantitative Analysis of Novels Written by Karel Čapek, 2019.
  • Denisa Zajícová. Quantitative Analysis of Travel Books Written by Karel Čapek, 2018.
  • Lenka Kubečková. Quantitative Analysis of Short Stories Written by Karel Čapek, 2017.